Attracting executive tenants

A quality investment property in an urban location near transport, cafes, business and commercial premises is highly likely to attract an executive tenant.

They’re usually time poor, sophisticated, used to travel, want a comfortable home and can afford to pay top money either out of their own or their company’s pocket.

In other words, most are great tenants you’d love to attract!

Now, with the New Year just around the corner, many executives are relocating either for a new permanent role or contract and are ready to move.

Many even want a furnished rental and most, if they’re arriving solo, just want either a one bedroom or studio.

So how do make your furnished investment property an attractive, potential corporate rental?

Include home comforts like soft pillows, throw rugs, fresh linen sheets and bedside lamps.

Stock the kitchen with a coffee plunger, toaster and other everyday items.

Hang a few prints on the walls. They don’t have to be valuable, just ones that add colour and personality to the room.

Imagine it’s your living room so add what you’d want at home – a coffee table, sofa, TV, the everyday items for relaxation.

An outdoor setting for entertaining, whether it’s a courtyard garden, balcony or small yard is useful.

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