Protecting polished floors

Polished floors are common place in New Zealand. In fact many of the big, bold villas that were built in NZ from 1880-WW1 invariably feature polished floors.

But scratches on polished floors can be expensive to fix, usually costing the owner thousands of dollars to repair.

In this week's snippet, our tenancy expert Scotney Williams of Tenancy Practice Services explains:

Examples of when the Tenancy Tribunal will/won't award for this type of damage.

  • Where damage done by the tenants was unintentional, or careless, Osaki rules apply and no award was made in favour of the landlords.

  • Tenants allowed dogs inside, dog did damage – Tenancy Tribunal found the damage was intentional and therefore the landlord could recover the cost of damage done by the dogs.

What causes this damage?

  • Moving furniture around

  • Stiletto heels

  • Animals

How to protect rental properties from this damage:

  • Insert clauses in tenancy agreements - no shoes and no animals inside.

  • Provide stick on pads for the feet of furniture.

  • Educate tenants and make them aware of the care required for protection of the polished floors.

  • Take good quality photos of the floors pre and post tenancy.

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