Landlords, Tenants & Swimming Pools

Who’s responsibility is it to maintain the swimming pool and to provide the equipment to run a swimming pool?

In this month’s snippet, our tenancy expert Scotney Williams of Tenancy Practice Services explains.

At the moment there is no statutory provision for this, so it’s a matter of contract.

The landlord and the tenant should agree in the tenancy agreement who is going to do these things.

The opinion of TPS is that it is much better for the landlord to have a contractor do all this type of work because it’s quite skilled.

If however, the tenant is determined to do the work themselves then the landlord has an obligation to train the tenant on what to do and to leave a set of written instructions that the tenant can find after the landlord has left that goes through all of the matters that the landlord has given the instruction about. To be kept in a place where it cannot be easily lost so that the tenant can refer to it throughout the tenancy.

As far as the chemicals are concerned that too is a matter of negotiation and will fall to whichever party agrees to pay for it.

Where the tenant has taken on this responsibility it is usually the tenants responsibility to pay for the chemicals.

Perhaps the most important part of all is for the landlord to ensure the tenant is clearly instructed about topping the pool up with water so that the level never gets below the skimmer plate and then dries out and runs the pump without water which in turn will usually mean the pump will burn out. There are often many disputes about this issue. This should be clear from the outset.

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